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A solution for every area of your organisation

responsável pelas vendas de serviços de inteligência artificial


Resort to an avatar

Through the artificial intelligence solution you have the possibility to make your product presentations resorting to an avatar or a digital version of yourself, with the ability to communicate in more than 40 languages, thus allowing you to interact with customers from around the world. You can use a PowerPoint or PDF file to support your presentation, which will appear as the background of your customised video. Our team can help you with the copywriting and translate it into any language you require.

assistente virtual com recurso à inteligência artificial

Virtual Assistants

Communicate in over 40 languages

The artificial intelligence structured video creation solution allows your website's virtual assistants, helpdesk and chatbots to be avatars or the digital version of a member of your team. This method allows your virtual assistant to communicate in more than 40 languages, thus ensuring effective communication with international consumers. Artificial intelligence powered videos are easy to update, translate and customise, at a very reduced cost.

formador de como criar um curso online


Training at any time

This solution provides you with the possibility of having a trainer always at hand and able to communicate in more than 40 languages. It is a good solution to develop internal or external training in order to empower your teams. Artificial intelligence structured videos are easy to update, translate and customise, ideal for providing training or for an online course.

serviços de marketing com recurso à inteligência artificial


Reduction of production costs

According to a global survey conducted by Hubspot, video content is preferred by consumers and is the most used form of communication in content strategy, followed by blogs and infographics.
Resorting to artificial intelligence allows you to drastically reduce production costs and speed up the execution of your digital content.
This way, companies with limited resources have the opportunity to improve their digital results by creating high quality videos at an affordable price. This type of content is ideal for powering your blog articles, highlighting your newsletters, enhancing your campaigns and increasing your site's search engine ranking.

mestre de cerimónia de um evento estruturado em inteligência artificial

Masters of Ceremony

Digital version

We have at your disposal the possibility for the master of ceremonies of your event to be in digital version. This solution is powered by artificial intelligence and allows for your event's master of ceremonies to be a fictional avatar or a digital version of a person of your choice. This digital version will reproduce the texts, previously chosen by you, in any language and very naturally.
Throughout the event, the speech can be changed very easily and does not depend on a recording.
A master of ceremonies powered by artificial intelligence emerges as a more affordable alternative compared to traditional masters of ceremonies, thus demystifying the idea that artificial intelligence is not within the reach of small and medium-sized organisations.

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